Illustrations of animals and other cheeky characters

My little creatures and I are more than happy to give your ideas
a face, fur and paws!

Whether we are talking animals, monsters or veggies – my illustrations feel comfy in picture books, on paper and all sorts of other products. Since they are created vector-based in Illustrator they are freely scalable and can be used very flexibly. My style is quirky with bold colors and clear shapes. Below you can read more about what I do…but I invite you to take a look at some pictures first. 🙂


Illustration challenge

Anneliese the adventure pig

Book project

Cheeky things and objects

Portfolio piece – imagninary book title & freestyle illustration

Money! Money! Money!

Product design: Play money

What exactly can Annimi do for you?

Annimi is all about critters and stories. That means in detail:

  • Illustration: animals, monsters, veggies…vector-based character illustrations with clear shapes and bold colors
  • Graphic design: books, magazines, paper things… my particular preference for print products is clear, but not exclusive. I can take over the layout for projects where my illustrations are used and/or play the main role.
  • Text: Moo, meh, mi… every creature can also take “narrative shape” in stories, descriptions and exclamations

You can book me for all three and of course also for individual parts.

Animals, monsters, veggies…what about humans?

Animals are by far my favorite illustration topic because I have an instinctive access to them. That’s why it’s easy for me to visually imagine a character and give it the right look and feel. Or to completely create it from scratch, including its story and characteristics. The same applies to animal-related creatures such as monsters, fantasy figures or even “living greens”. I do not illustrate humans, because I don’t have the same creative access to them – they don’t resonate with me. Believe me when I say, that I really like people. But when it comes to my illustrations they play no part. 😉

How do I book you?

You decided that my characters and I are the right people for your project? Hooray!
Please use the contact form for your request or write an email to anni (at)

It would be great, if you take a look at the following questions:

  • What exactly is your project or idea?
  • What role do my characters play in this?
    (Illustration, storyteller, hero, ambassador, mascot, nice accessory …)
  • Who is this for? (Target group)
  • How and where do you want to use my characters/illustrations? (Print, web, exclusive …)
  • What is your ideal timing?

My little creatures and I are looking forward to your request!